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Ice Nucleation on Biomolecules

Biological protein molecules can efficiently control the nucleation and growth of ice crystals, while little is known about the underlying mechanisms. We plan to use cryoTEM to resolve the 3D structure of the protein molecules, and perform high resolution in-situ observations on their functioning processes. 


Self-assembly of Macromolecules

Macromolecules such as block copolymers and proteins can self-assemble into various sophisticated structures, while the 3D morphology and formation mechanisms of the stuctures are usually not well understood. We will use in-situ cryoTEM and electron tomography to investigate how these structures are formed in solution.

Combination of Cryo/LPTEM

Liquid phase TEM (LPTEM) can observe solution processes in real time,while its resolution is generally lower in comparison with cryoTEM。We plan to use nano-pockets formed by graphene to investigate whether LPTEM and cryoTEM can be used for one single solution sample.

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